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Niche-Mode IR Extender Kit
USB or Mains Powered

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Please Note:
IR Extender cables are NOT extendable.

Cable Lengths:

Receiver Cable 1.2m from jack plug
Flasher Cables 1.0m,1.5m and 2.0m from jack plug

  • all Sky boxes

  • all Virgin Boxes

  • DVD, Blu-ray players and recorders

  • amplifiers, matrix switches

  • Bang & Olufsen IR Extender

The Niche-Mode Kit has a wide band width
which means it can operate:

USB Power OR Mains Adapter
All modern flat screen TVs and many AV components now incorporate USB sockets. The USB power connection allows tidier wiring and less plug sockets required. If you prefer mains power adapter, please select from drop-down box below.

Discrete IR Receiver
The visible part of the sleek IR receiver is only
15mm x 25mm. See illustration below.
1.2m cable length

Easy Fit IR Receiver
The receiver head is attached to a hinged self-adhesive mounting plate and can be fixed straight or any angle up to 90 degrees.

3 x Flasher Buds
Easily attached using the self-adhesive pads.
For ease of wiring each flasher bud has a staggered cable length, 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m

49.00 + P&P


Select USB OR Mains Adapter Power


Wireless IR Extenders


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